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Our Mission Is to Help 7 & 8 Figure Brands Grow via TikTok Whilst Increasing Their Profit Margins.

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We drive long-term growth
for brands that matter.

Our services

We offer a wide range of TikTok services  

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Ads Management

Diversify your channel mix and reach your target audience with TikTok ads and level up your acquisition efforts.

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Our consultation calls are designed to fast-track your learnings in the TikTok space. Working with our team of experts in order to understand your business goals and maximize your potential.

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Our creative team of marketing rockstars go the extra mile to craft UGC. The content that we build captures the essence of your brand and helps it reach its full potential.

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In-House Creator

Brands are in need of organic content more than ever, and most don't know where to turn. So we find an experienced TikTok creator to be hired in-house as the face of your brand.

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Organic Growth

We work on creating exciting, attention-grabbing organic content that educates, engages and builds you as a market leader on TikTok.

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If you need a second eye or opinion on your campaigns both organic or paid we can provide constructive feedback to get your campaign back on track.

About us

We are an extension of your team  

We’re a team of data driven TikTok marketing experts that live and breathe TikTok and elevating our partners brands whilst driving exceptional revenue.

Our Number #1 focus is “creating strategies, delivery results” and this starts with listening. We listen to our clients, and we are always listening to what is going on in the industry to make sure we produce compelling, insight-driven strategies that generate real-world results.

We have the strategic capabilities, quantitative chops, deep creative understanding and world-class technology to help you succeed.

OUr process

A simple, yet effective three step process  

Growth on TikTok happens when you’re taking the health of your entire business into account, not just siloing TikTok alone.


Project idea

You can’t devise the optimal strategy without effectively diagnosing where existing issues lie. We dig deep into your brand and take a close look at your current data to understand exactly what is and isn’t working and where new opportunities lie.



Our strategic planning process provides the foundation to drive your business into becoming a 7 or 8-figure powerhouse brand on TikTok.



This is where it all happens we apply the right strategy for your audience to get the results you need. We make sure your campaign delivers exceptional results and every engages with the user which allows brand recognition which supports into converting into paid customers.

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FREE 30-Minute Intro Call

Book in a FREE 30-Minute no-obligation Intro Call with our Founder Ashley.

This is not a sales call! This is just a short intro call to determine whether or not our team can provide value to you and your business.


  • Businesses looking to run ads profitable and add an extra dimension to their business via TikTok.
  • Businesses looking to take advantage of TikTok's great reach opportunities.
  • Businesses looking to crush their competition and scale up rapidly & profitably.
  • Businesses who are generating a minimum of $50,000/mo in revenue.
  • Businesses who are wanting predictable and consistent results.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Who is this for?

Founders who want to spend more time bringing in more traffic to their store instead of spending half of their time trying to figure out the TikTok platform.

How does your pricing work?

Our packages are bespoke depending on your needs, however be prepared to spend at least $3,000/mo to work with us.

Will TikTok work for my brand?

If you have products that are already selling and a well-structured paid ad strategy, retention marketing and have a robust reporting system in place then this will work for you.

Do you have minimum contracts?

To ensure the best results possible, we have a 3-month minimum contract for brands, and from there, we keep going month by month.

OUr Blog

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